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Got a pill mess? Body feels thirsty? Want to lose fat or be a fitness star? Control your healthy life anytime and anywhere.

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All in one

Now you don’t need to install dozens of applications for lead a healthy lifestyle, because there is one - Healthtone


Healthone is comfortable when you are at home and when you are running, in the room or workout on the court.


With every new release we improve and complement Healthtone new modules and functions for you to be happy.

Apple Watch

Content and readability

HealthTone and Apple Watch are a perfect couple. All interactions on the Apple Watch have to be super quick and any content has to be understood in an instant. You’ll love it from the first touch.


Apple Watch feels so organic and alive. Custom animations support the natural flow of the app and main interactions. User experience never was so delightful.

Download from the market

HealthTone for Apple Watch is available on the App Store. You’ll be so exciting!


Impressive animation

Is your glass as half empty or half full? Add more and more liquids to see all the magic of unbreakable animation.

Intake calculator

It helps you to drink water according to the schedule. Use simple calculator with your sex, weight and activity level.

Graphs & history

Keep the water balance in the normal state. App’s graphs and indicators let you know if it enough liquid you drink throughout the day.


Keep medicines together

The more medicines you take, the more difficult it can be to remember important information about them. A medicines list can be a useful way to keep all the information about your medicines.

Stay on schedule

App lets you build a list of medications and setup your schedule in just a few seconds using the built-in database of drugs.

Customizable dose amounts

Set the drug name, dosage information, directions and notes that appear in the reminders for each dose. You can track drugs taken via pill, capsule, drops, injection, mixture/syrup, spray, ointment/gel, procedure.


Awesome trainers

In gym market you will be able to get trainings from awesome trainers around the world. Gym, yoga, fitness stars prepared trainings for you

Increased usability

Before launching Gym market we studied dozens of stores and made a real breakthrough in usability - choose workout has never been so convinient

Absolute satisfaction

Gym, yoga, workout, crossfit, fitness - there evreyone will find exactly what he need. Sort trainings by rating, number of download, targets, read reviews and trainer info.


Diets from dietologists

Thousands of diets will be available on Diet market in Healthtone. Whant to lose a fat? Increase your muscle tonus? No problem.

Synchronization with trainings

Do you want not only to eat right, but also to live a healthy lifestyle? Our algorithms selected the right trainings for you, based on the recommendations of trainers and nutritionists

Selection of diets for your purposes

Our diets are written by experienced nutritionists who calculated the calorie intake for each individual case - this will allow you, with strict observance of the diet, to show immediate results. Healthtone necessarily justify your trust

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